Vacation Post: Shooting Star in Jackson Hole

I’m pretty sure I could move to Jackson Hole in a heartbeat. It is gorgeous, the people are great, the nightlife is exciting, and there are tons of gluten-free friendly restaurants and food shops. Last night we dined at Shooting Star, a premiere country club with some of the best food in town. I opted for the risotto with seared duck breast, corn and brie. It was heaven in a bowl. Perfection. I loved the addition of the corn and brie. It gave the risotto a rich, creamy texture. I’m glad I chose that dish because they were changing the menu today for August and September. I’m sure they will add an equally delicious risotto to the menu. Many of the restaurants here buy and use local ingredients in their dishes. As you probably know by now, I am all about buying local. I’m looking forward to checking out the local goodies tomorrow at the Jackson Farmer’s Market. I hear one of the vendors has a wicked gluten-free key lime pie.

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The Grove Wine Bar and Kitchen

The Grove, a locally owned wine bar and kitchen, is located in the heart of Westlake. Their mission: to provide a casual, inviting atmosphere where families and friends may come together for a pleasant tasting meal and a wonderful glass of wine. They have succeeded at both and The Grove continues to impress me every time I visit. The best thing about the restaurant- their ginormous oak tree out back with the intertwining Christmas lights that give a unique, romantic atmosphere.

The menu does not list gluten-free items but they do offer a gluten-free rice pasta as well as gluten-free pizza crusts (Gluten-Free Kneads). Normally when I visit The Grove, I am in a pizza mood. Their pizzas are great and hit the spot every time. My favorite is the Top Shelf pizza-  a blend of marinara, garlic, mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and basil. [Read more...]

Promise Pizza in Round Rock, Texas

Promise Pizza, one of the first (if not the first) eco-friendly pizza shops in the Austin area, and a cute one at that. I visited this recently opened pizza establishment last week and loved every moment of the experience. As you pull up to the Round Rock location, you see a line of their pizza delivery vehicles, which just so happen to be Smart Cars (Genius!) I love this idea as they are actually taking steps to help our environment. The inside décor is bright orange and green, a happy and bright atmosphere.

When talking to the manager about how they prepare their gluten-free pizzas, he went into great detail on how they handle with care and avoid most all means of cross-contamination. They use gloves and protect the surfaces when preparing a GF pizza. Promise Pizza also uses as many local ingredients as possible which is always a thumbs up in my book. Gluten Free Kneads [Read more...]

HH at Annie’s Cafe and Bar

Well, we finally made our way over to Annie’s Cafe and Bar last night located in downtown Austin (319 Congress Ave). It is a quaint little restaurant that has an old-time feel, with soothing jazz playing in the background and vintage-looking furniture. The service was great. I wasn’t that impressed with the food menu though (not very much variety). After speaking with our server/bartender over what the best cocktail was, I decided to try the Liberdade. The Liberdade is made with “Brazilian Rum” called Leblon Cachaca. It also has hints of ginger, cucumber and green tea. It was a pretty cocktail (color was a pastel green) and you could tell the bartender had put a lot of thought into making it. The ginger wasn’t too strong and I really enjoyed it. I had two! Even though it was happy hour, it didn’t seem to discount the amount of their drinks very much, if even at all. Chris ordered two Shiners and as always, he loved the crisp, cool taste (nice, cold beer mug!).

If you would like to see their cocktail menu, click here.

Beets Cafe is incredible

The ever-so-tasty portobello fajita plate

Welcome the newest gluten-free/raw/vegetarian restaurant to Austin. Beets Café is situated on west 5th street in the new shopping center on the right side, close to Mean Eyed Cat. Beets Cafe provides an upscale feeling by having a wide open space with plenty of seating, decadent decorations, and they have waitresses who are eager to help you. I was more than pleased when we walked in one afternoon to find everyone working there with a pleasant smile on their face and ready to serve you! We were seated right away and a very enthusiastic waitress came to take our order. They have plenty to choose from on their menu from fresh squeezed juices to fajitas and salads.

I decided to go with the first thing that popped out at me and that was the colorful Portobello fajita plate, beets me drink and the zucchini hummus plate. The appetizer came first, the zucchini hummus plate, with freshly sliced vegetables such as carrots, cauliflower and celery. The hummus texture was so creamy and delicious it is hard to believe it is made without beans. The drink took a while to make but it was well worth it in the end. The cool, beets me drink made with beet, apple, carrot and ginger juice was rich and filling. It would make a perfect snack on any hot Texas day. When the Portobello fajita plate arrived on our table, we were somewhat full from our hummus plate and wonderful drinks we ordered but couldn’t help but devour the rainbow of colors we saw on our plate. The Portobello fajita plate was one of the best raw meals I think I have ever tasted. It had a surprise of flavors in every bite. The plate was full of Portobello mushrooms, bell peppers, garlic, onions, cilantro and chilies. Indulge in raw food. You will be surprised at how much you will enjoy it.

Austin’s Pizza is now delivering gluten-free

I am pleased to announce that one of Austin’s most popular pizza joints is now delivering gluten-free pizzas. Yes, it is true! I was so ecstatic when I received an e-mail recently letting me know about the new addition. They are using a local company called Gluten-Free Kneads for their pizza crust. It just so happens that GF Kneads is the crust I prefer to use in my kitchen as well. It is a good size and holds up sauces and toppings with ease, unlike many other GF crusts that collapse as soon as you lift it off the plate.

Austin’s Pizza has many locations around Austin. To place an order for delivery or if you have a question call :(512)795-8888.

Unfortunately since it is GF, they do require a +4 up-charge to your order but trust me, it is worth it in the end when a nice, hot pizza arrives at your doorstep.

WildWood Art Cafe

Tucked away in small shopping center in Westlake Hills (behind Breed and Co) is WildWood Art Café. Known to Austinites as one of the only gluten-free restaurants in town that operates a complete gluten-free kitchen; it boasts a wide range of appetizing dishes, desserts and eye-popping art, which is located all over the adorable café.

They serve everything from homemade tamales, soups, sandwiches (with homemade bread!), salads, cookies, muffins, bars, brownies, cakes and much more. They accept special orders for cakes and breads in advance. One of their most popular meals is their Tuna Salad Special. Made fresh with tuna, apples and jalapenos and served with warm zucchini cheese bread and a side spinach salad with their homemade balsamic vinaigrette. The spicy kick of the jalapenos is a pleasant surprise and pairs nicely with the crisp apples. Normally when I visit this neighborhood café, I always buy one of their sweet desserts. Today was the lemon bar. The lemon bar was simple and sweet with just the right amount of tang.

They are open for breakfast, lunch or (early) dinner. In the mood for a nice cold beer? This mom-and-pop establishment has recently begun serving the popular gluten-free beer, Redbridge.

For more information:
WildWood Art Café
3663 Bee Caves Road, #4A
Austin, Texas 78746
Café hours (CST):
10:00 am-6:00 pm Monday- Friday
Saturday 9:00 am- 5:00 pm

Terra Burger


After hearing on Twitter that the new hot burger joint, Terra Burger, was offering gluten-free buns for their heavenly burgers or sandwiches; I had to indulge immediately. How can you resist a juicy hamburger and hand cut sweet potatoes fries on the side? Terra Burger is known for using local and organic ingredients. Their motto is “all natural everything, organic where it counts”. Currently they only have two locations: The Drag (dine in or to-go window) and the Northwest Austin location by Costco (drive-thru). Although it was not the best burger I have tasted, I will definitely be going back since not many local burger joints offer gluten-free buns. The fries were amazing. They had a delicious sweet taste with a crunchy texture. Lovely.

Jackson Hole- best ski town food


Here are the last of my glorious food pictures from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jackson is such a great town. It is a smaller ski-town but there is plenty to do; from shops, outdoor activities, an awesome food scene, and the famous Yellowstone National Park (only 65 miles from downtown Jackson.)

First, a glorious night time picture of Teton Mountains. Drink it in.

The second picture is from Rendezvous Bistro, which is on the outskirts of downtown. It was a quaint little bistro that was full of energy and people on the weeknight we decided to dine there. Service was great and they have a huge menu. It would of been a good lunch joint as well. I ordered the grilled venison with pomegranate red sauce and parsley mashed potatoes. For the price, it was delicious. I will definitely go back next trip.

The third picture was taken while eating at the Four Seasons, no it’s not a bong. It’s actually balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Creative. We ate at the Four Seasons a couple times since it was close to where we were staying. Westbank Grill is one of the nicer restaurants in the hotel (where this picture was taken), and it was not that great. Our waiter was terrible and was actually quite rude when we asked what gluten-free options were available. Normally I wouldn’t call a waiter outright terrible but yep, this guy must of been smoking that balsamic vinegar/olive oil “bong”.
We did eat sushi at the casual lounge in the Four Seasons the last night and that was amazing. The sushi and service were incredible and they did a very nice job at making sure my meal was completely GF.

The last picture is from Snake River Grill in downtown Jackson, one of my favorites. They were more than happy to accommodate my family being gluten-free. I ordered the Beef tenderloin (medium-rare, of course)in a rich, red wine sauce with roasted sweet potato fries.

Jackson Hole food review: Osteria

The first night in Jackson we decided to go have dinner at Osteria, a popular Italian eatery in Teton village. We arrive that night at Osteria hungry and tired from our long day of traveling to find out that they have our reservation but it will be a while. We made sure to make the reservation 2 weeks in advance yet we still had to wait for 45 minutes or more when we arrived. Luckily the staff redeemed themselves by bringing a few appetizers by the table for us to snack on once we were seated. Unfortunately, since I am gluten-free, I couldn’t eat any…bummer. The menu had a great selection and the chef was willing to work with my sister and I who are GF. We decided on the Free range half chicken with prosciutto rub, lentils and watercress salad. The chicken serving was massive but they didn’t give you much of anything else. The lentils had a spicy kick which was nice; I could of used some more of those on my plate. I loved the seasonings and the prosciutto rub they used on the chicken but it was a little dry. If I wasn’t gluten-free and I ate there again I would say the pizza is a must. They cook all the pizzas in a fire roasted oven, they look sensational! To see more of their menu, click here.