The Gluten-Free Pizza Fest, Day 2: Top Shelf Pizza

This is my favorite type of pizza. Just simple ingredients: creamy mozzarella, rich tomato sauce, salty parmesan and sweet basil. It’s great. Some call this Pizza Margherita. I call it Top Shelf Pizza, and apparently The Grove does too. The Grove is a restaurant located in Westlake Hills. They have a few gluten-free friendly options, including gluten-free pizza (Gluten-Free Kneads crusts). On rainy days, or days when I’m feeling just plain lazy, I love to call in orders to-go at The Grove. I often order their Top Shelf Pizza. Comforting, simple and delicious. [Read more...]

Simple Tomato Sauce (Gluten-Free)

Everybody needs a few sauces in their repertoire. Sauces are an easy way to amp up the flavor and add a unique spin to a recipe. I have several I love to use including: BBQ sauce, walnut-basil pesto, champagne-butter sauce, black bean sauce, roasted red bell pepper sauce, and now this lovely tomato sauce. Use this tomato sauce recipe for your favorite spaghetti dish, pizza sauce and more. [Read more...]