“If you don’t have discipline, you don’t have anything.”

Project Food Blog Challenge #1: Ready, Set, Blog!

Last summer, July 2009, I started my blog. I had no intentions of it ever going anywhere, but something happened within me. I got hooked. I love writing and interacting with my readers and other bloggers. Photography is a new passion of mine. I have explored all types of cuisine, won recipe contests, and have gotten to meet many talented chefs, writers, and bloggers. I’ve even switched careers.

Writing in the gluten-free community is a blessing. I never thought those words would come out of my mouth when I was first was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I honestly thought it would be the end of my foodie adventures. It was like Armageddon then (ok, that is being a tad dramatic). How would I ever not eat a donut again? A moist muffin? Enter 2007: I was working as a Nutritionist at a local pharmacy in town. The pharmacy was known for promoting the gluten-free diet and I repeatedly told my patients that it would be best for them to try it out, if they were experiencing gastrointestinal distress. I never took my own advice. That was until a co-worker of mine suggested I suck it up and give it a try. [Read more...]