Cinnamon-Sugar Kale Chips (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free)

Looking for a healthy snack that satisfies your sweet tooth? Look no further than these delicate cinnamon-sugar kale chips. As you all know, kale chips have become quite popular over the past couple years. I still make them all the time. I haven’t gotten sick of them yet. I am in my last semester of graduate school right now (yay!) so I am always on the look out for something I can snack on while I study. Normally that little afternoon snack is something salty, but this time I went to the sweet side. I love the way the subtle flavor of the palm sugar really shines with the coconut oil and the touch of nutmeg. It’s definitely a keeper. [Read more...]

ATX Gluten-Free News: May 2010

I have lots of Austin gluten-free news to report this week! I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful spring time weather. This week is my birthday week, which for the first time in my life, I am not that excited about. Maybe it is because I am getting older? In the past years, I took it as an excuse to celebrate all month-long. This time, I want it to pass as quickly as possible! :)  I am finished with another semester of graduate school and have a month off- a much-needed break. I’ll be spending some time getting my website up and going, catching some gorgeous Texas rays and testing some recipes. [Read more...]

ATX Gluten-Free News: April 2010, Part 2

This post is not an April Fool’s joke. I promise! :)

Things have been pretty hectic in my life recently, mainly with school. I can’t wait to finish this Master’s program! Some good news- I found a local web designer for my new ATX Gluten-Free website. I am thrilled to see the final outcome. My sister, @JennyMeyerArt, is a local artist and had her website overhauled by the same designer. Check it out here: Jenny Meyer Art

There are a few exciting things coming up on the gluten-free front in Austin. Aren’t we blessed to live in such a great city?

Mama Fu’s: A pan-Asian restaurant with several locations in Austin/Central TX, as well as NC, AR, FL and GA. They are set to debut a gluten-free menu this year. Click here to see the full announcement. [Read more...]

Wild Wood Art Cafe: St. Patrick’s Dinner, 3/13/10

Wild Wood Art Cafe: Gluten Free St. Patrick’s Dinner for Saturday March 13, 2010

Please RSVP and select your dish by Wednesday 3/10 at 5 pm

Join host Joan Griffith by arriving at 6:30 pm
Beef Bouillon with Greens
Green Pea (vegan)
Emerald Isle Green Salad
Choice of Meats
Corned Beef and Cabbage, w/ Spinach-Potatoes
Trout with herbs en papillotte, w/Spinach Potatoes & Spicy Slaw
Root Vegetable Ragu, with Rice and Spicy Cole Slaw
Irish Chocolate Surprise Cake
Strawberries and Clotted Cream
Rice Pudding with Wild Berries (vegan)

Make sure and RSVP today!

Wild Wood Art Cafe
3663 Bee Cave Rd suite 4A  78746

ATX Gluten-Free News: March 2010

The first signs of Spring are starting to appear- warmer days (besides the freakish snow storm we had last week!), flowers blooming, birds chirping. It is a beautiful time to be in Austin, Texas. There has been some great news in the gluten-free area of Austin recently. Many places  are becoming more gluten-free friendly. Here are some updates on Austin gluten-free news:

Maggiano’s opened up in The Domain this week. They do not have an actual gluten-free menu, but I was told from one of the people at Brinker International that- the Chefs “take pride in creating meals for people with food allergies and Celiac Disease.” They serve a rice pasta as a substitution and may be able to customize dishes to accommodate those with food allergens, such as gluten or nuts. [Read more...]

Bread for All

Pictured above: Loaf of gluten-free Bread for All, gluten-free chocolate and almond marzipan scones (not yet released)

I had the privilege to try Lauren’s gluten-free breads and scones last week and they are incredible! I love the flavor and texture of the breads. Lauren from Bona Dea Bread believes in baking with wholesome whole grain flours. The breads packs a nutritional punch. The samples I received were gone in a few days, literally! I devoured every last crumb. I highly recommend these breads, and soon-to-be scones. Lauren knows what she is doing when it comes to gluten-free baking! [Read more...]

Lentil Soup with BACON!

Bacon. I have fallen in love with bacon.

I go through these spells where I crave a certain thing all the time- one month it was sushi, one month it was soy sauce (gluten-free, of course!), another was cookies, now it is bacon. No worries, I am not pregnant. As long as I can remember, I have had these rotating cravings. Does anyone else have that? For example, I am craving eggs and ketchup at this very moment. Don’t knock it till you try it!

I am so glad to finally have my camera USB cord back! I left it in Jackson Hole and it is now back and safe in my desk drawer. I have whined about it the past few days on twitter – about my lack of cord=lack of loading pictures to my laptop.

This recipe is as simple as it gets- full of flavor and soul-soothing. Perfect for our cold Texas weather right now. [Read more...]

BBQ Chicken Pizza with Balsamic Onions

Gluten-Free BBQ Chicken Pizza with Balsamic Onions. Tangy sweet onions with juicy chicken, creamy mozzarella and crispy crust. Enough said.

You will be singing the joys of gluten-free eating once you have tried this recipe. [Read more...]

Gluten-Free Holiday Recipe: Cranberry-Apple Sauce

I first came across this wonderful recipe on the Food Network show Big Daddy, by Aaron McCargo Junior , who won The Next Food Network Star a couple years ago. (I would love to try out for that show someday!) . I have not been impressed with his recipes thus far until I came across this beauty. I of course, felt compelled to make some changes. Next year, I would like to make my own, original cranberry sauce. I have some fabulous ideas!

This recipe calls for a large amount of sugar. I try to be sugar-free most of the time but since it is the holidays, it’s alright to indulge in your sweet tooth. Especially when a tart, sweet recipe is paired with the Perfect Roasted Turkey.

The “tweaked” recipe is below. To see the original click here. [Read more...]

Gluten-Free Holiday Recipes: Perfect Roasted Turkey

This year we hosted our first Thanksgiving. For hosting my first holiday dinner, I was pretty calm except for the anxiety I had over the turkey. The night before I felt like I was going to have a heart attack because I was so worried on how it would turn out!  I had never made a brine before and was worried the turkey would have no flavoring. I know how to cook, I’m not sure why I was panicking so much.

The Food Network always airs many holiday cooking shows in November and December so I made sure to Tivo some of my favorites. Alton Brown, the host of Good Eats hosted a show on how to brine a turkey using this recipe: Good Eats Roast Turkey. I used his recipe along with my own tweaks and the turkey turned out amazing. It was moist and flavorful. My family usually cooks a turkey on Christmas day, so for you guys out there that do the same– I highly recommend this brine recipe. It is so easy!

Instructions for original recipe at Food Network.



[Read more...]