Locate Special Diet: Mobile Apps

Gluten-Free? Locate Special Diet helps you find gluten-free options near you.

Vegetarian? Locate Special Diet can help you find vegetarian options near you.

Locavore or Organic? Locate Special Diet can help you find organic options near you.

Any combination of the above? We can help with that too.

We currently have listings in over 40 U.S. cities and growing!

Learn more by reading our blog post about the Locate Special Diet website.

Learn more by reading our blog post about the Locate Special Diet app launch.

Click here to visit Locate Special Diet

Now available for FREE download on iPhone and Android!


  1. This is awesome! You’re amazing.

  2. I’m looking forward to your online menu!

  3. What a fun adventure! I can’t wait to hear all about it…I know you’ll be wildly successful, Jessica. :)

    • Thanks Amy! It has certainly been a wild adventure. I have enjoyed every second of it though. I can’t wait to get it started. Thank you for all your support, you rock! :)

  4. Kudos! I’m so excited for you and will definitely spread the word. What a gift for the Austin community.

  5. Oh, wow! I am not celiac, but reading your blog and others has really raised my awareness. This is a wonderful service that will appeal to lots and lots of eaters, celiac and health-conscious alike. Can’t wait to see how things progress this winter!

  6. I recently just graduated with a BS in food science and nutrition. I am also gluten-free, REALLY inspired by your business and blog. Did you obtain your RD? I am wanting to start something similar. :)


    • Hey Heather! Where did you get your Nutrition degree? I enjoyed going through your blog! I did not obtain my RD, although I am in a Masters of Science in Nutrition program right now through the University of Bridgeport. It is functional medicine based.. that is partly why I did not want to get my RD. It is a little outdated for me. I am more into science based, cutting edge nutrition. Feel free to email me to discuss more… atxglutenfree@gmail.com. Thanks for stopping by! :)

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