The ABC’s of Entertaining

Dinner party… those two words can be intimidating if you are the host. Panic attacks, money, menu, drinks, what to serve? Don’t fret. I’ve come up with a list that will ease your nerves. My ABC’s of Entertaining are below with pictures from my first ever, gluten-free dinner party. It was a huge success and my guests were very pleased with the meal. Their favorite part? The wine poached pears topped with mascarpone coconut cream. Who knew I had the dessert gene in me?

A canvas sign by my sister, @jennymeyerart.

A is for Allergies: Double check with your guests to make sure they have no dietary restrictions, such as food allergies or Celiac Disease. [Read more...]

“If you don’t have discipline, you don’t have anything.”

Project Food Blog Challenge #1: Ready, Set, Blog!

Last summer, July 2009, I started my blog. I had no intentions of it ever going anywhere, but something happened within me. I got hooked. I love writing and interacting with my readers and other bloggers. Photography is a new passion of mine. I have explored all types of cuisine, won recipe contests, and have gotten to meet many talented chefs, writers, and bloggers. I’ve even switched careers.

Writing in the gluten-free community is a blessing. I never thought those words would come out of my mouth when I was first was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I honestly thought it would be the end of my foodie adventures. It was like Armageddon then (ok, that is being a tad dramatic). How would I ever not eat a donut again? A moist muffin? Enter 2007: I was working as a Nutritionist at a local pharmacy in town. The pharmacy was known for promoting the gluten-free diet and I repeatedly told my patients that it would be best for them to try it out, if they were experiencing gastrointestinal distress. I never took my own advice. That was until a co-worker of mine suggested I suck it up and give it a try. [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: My Famous BBQ Chicken Pizza


Vacation pictures- A look at the Gluten-Free foods of Jackson Hole

We had a great time on our vacation! It was nice to take a break from the heat and enjoy the fresh air of the mountains. I thought I would share some pictures from our trip. We took over 200 pictures, but here are some of my favorite food pictures (and others). They will make you hungry!

I made this quinoa side dish one night- filled with mushrooms, artichoke hearts and cranberries

Cucumber-dill soup from Shooting Star [Read more...]

Gluten-Free in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Update 2012: Please visit Locate Special Diet for more gluten-free (vegetarian or organic) listings in Jackson Hole. Keep your eye out for the mobile application launching soon. 

I’m currently in Jackson Hole, Wyoming- One of my favorite vacation spots.  Jackson Hole is such a great town. It has a small town feel, but with all the amenities you need for a city. It is full of great restaurants, shops, summer activities and more. Not to mention, it is an awesome gluten-free friendly vacation spot. Most restaurants here are willing to accommodate, a few have gluten-free menus, and they have a local grocer full of gluten-free products- The Jackson Whole Grocer. [Read more...]

Austin Food Blogger Bash, Facebook Fan Page, Gluten-Free Private Chef

I hope everyone in Austin is enjoying SXSW! I’ve had the chance to go to a few parties and shows this past weekend/week. I hope to go to many more this week. SXSW happens only once a year, which is what I keep telling myself, because I am so exhausted!  I have been trying to find a balance between it all; since I have mucho school work to catch up on. For those who don’t know, I am in the middle of a Master’s in Human Nutrition program (online) through the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. So far, I love the program but it definitely takes up the majority of my time.

On Monday night I mingled with some of Austin’s best food bloggers and national food bloggers at the Austin360 Food Blogger Bash. Thank you to Addie Broyles and Austin360 who hosted the event at The Cedar Door! My date was my sister, Jennifer Meyer who is a local artist. Here is a silly photo of us from the event. If you would like to see all the goofy pictures- click here.

I have some exciting news that I want to share with my readers. [Read more...]

Winter Vaca…

For those wondering where the heck I have disappeared to- I will be taking some time off from blogging & Examiner writing during my vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (brrr!) I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season.  I will be back in 2010 (crazy to say 2010!) with lots of new information on gluten-free living in Austin, new tips, recipes and more…

Stay warm :)

Jessica @ ATX Gluten Free