Jackson Hole- best ski town food


Here are the last of my glorious food pictures from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jackson is such a great town. It is a smaller ski-town but there is plenty to do; from shops, outdoor activities, an awesome food scene, and the famous Yellowstone National Park (only 65 miles from downtown Jackson.)

First, a glorious night time picture of Teton Mountains. Drink it in.

The second picture is from Rendezvous Bistro, which is on the outskirts of downtown. It was a quaint little bistro that was full of energy and people on the weeknight we decided to dine there. Service was great and they have a huge menu. It would of been a good lunch joint as well. I ordered the grilled venison with pomegranate red sauce and parsley mashed potatoes. For the price, it was delicious. I will definitely go back next trip.

The third picture was taken while eating at the Four Seasons, no it’s not a bong. It’s actually balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Creative. We ate at the Four Seasons a couple times since it was close to where we were staying. Westbank Grill is one of the nicer restaurants in the hotel (where this picture was taken), and it was not that great. Our waiter was terrible and was actually quite rude when we asked what gluten-free options were available. Normally I wouldn’t call a waiter outright terrible but yep, this guy must of been smoking that balsamic vinegar/olive oil “bong”.
We did eat sushi at the casual lounge in the Four Seasons the last night and that was amazing. The sushi and service were incredible and they did a very nice job at making sure my meal was completely GF.

The last picture is from Snake River Grill in downtown Jackson, one of my favorites. They were more than happy to accommodate my family being gluten-free. I ordered the Beef tenderloin (medium-rare, of course)in a rich, red wine sauce with roasted sweet potato fries.

Jackson Hole food review: Osteria

The first night in Jackson we decided to go have dinner at Osteria, a popular Italian eatery in Teton village. We arrive that night at Osteria hungry and tired from our long day of traveling to find out that they have our reservation but it will be a while. We made sure to make the reservation 2 weeks in advance yet we still had to wait for 45 minutes or more when we arrived. Luckily the staff redeemed themselves by bringing a few appetizers by the table for us to snack on once we were seated. Unfortunately, since I am gluten-free, I couldn’t eat any…bummer. The menu had a great selection and the chef was willing to work with my sister and I who are GF. We decided on the Free range half chicken with prosciutto rub, lentils and watercress salad. The chicken serving was massive but they didn’t give you much of anything else. The lentils had a spicy kick which was nice; I could of used some more of those on my plate. I loved the seasonings and the prosciutto rub they used on the chicken but it was a little dry. If I wasn’t gluten-free and I ate there again I would say the pizza is a must. They cook all the pizzas in a fire roasted oven, they look sensational! To see more of their menu, click here.