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ATX Gluten-Free News is a segment I post regularly that lists the businesses, grocery stores, restaurants and trailers for the Austin area that offer gluten-free options or gluten-free menus. Also on the news segments are links to national gluten-free news stories, blog posts I enjoy and other happenings of ATX Gluten-Free. If you are an Austin area business that would like to be featured on my next news segment, you can email me at: Question, concerns? You may also email me at the same address.

*Note: These news segments do not list every gluten-free friendly establishment in Austin.

Below is a list of all the ATX Gluten-Free News segments:

(Not gluten-free): Vegetarian Restaurants in Austin, 2012 edition

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  1. marla stacey says:

    Gluten free tamales– where can I

  2. Hey there! I am the social media manager at Huts Hamburgers on 6the street. We are trying to get the word out that we now offer gluten free buns for our burgers. After searching through many vendors to find a quality product, we decided on Smart Flour’s buns and have been getting very positive feedback on the flavor, texture, and consistency. We strive to accommodate those with gluten free lifestyles so we toast the buns in a separate toaster and serve them up with our famous burgers. We are in the process of finding the right product for our sister restaurant, Frank & Angie’s Pizzeria, and will let you know when we do. We hope you will add us to your guide as a gluten free option here in Austin. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  3. Hello,
    We would love to be added to your list as well if we could. We’re the Bee Cave Gluten Free Baking Company, and are a new, locally owned dedicated gluten free bakery. And as we’re just starting out, we’d love to get the word out so that people can check us out for some delicious cookies, cupcakes, cake balls, etc. Thank you much and best wishes!

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