Paleo Restaurant Guide to Austin, Texas

Welcome to my third installment for the Austin Food Blogger Alliance City Guide.

The topic for this installment is Paleo! For those who are unfamiliar with the Paleo diet (short for Paleolithic), the diet consists mainly of fish and meats (ex: grassfed meat is great), vegetables, nuts, fruits, etc. The Caveman diet (another name for it), excludes all things refined – such as sugar, processed oils (canola oil is a no-no), legumes, grains, dairy, etc.

Just like any lifestyle where you adhere to a certain type of diet – eating out might be a challenge at first. For me, I have Celiac disease so I do not adhere by a diet just because I want to. I do so by medical necessity.

When dining out Paleo, overtime you learn how to order your foods, you learn what to look for on a menu, and how you can change that item to be more paleo-friendly. Just like any lifestyle – you adapt, and learn how to pick the foods that are right for your particular lifestyle. Not everyone that lives the Paleo lifestyle is hardcore about the restrictions of the diet, many are though. We all know that canola oil is slinging around in the majority of America’s restaurants so you pick and choose your battles when dining out. Of course, this isn’t for everywhere. There are plenty of places in town where you can find reliable options that truly are paleo. Educate yourself and know what to tell the waitstaff when ordering!

For PALEO FAQ ~ check out this link.

So for this basic list of Paleo-friendly options in Austin, Texas – take note that these are just suggestions of places that have paleo-friendly options to choose from on their menu. For most of these, you will need to modify the item before choosing from their menu.

Note: This is a partial list of paleo-friendly options in Austin. If you want to view more, please visit Three Dinners One Diet, where Brittanie shares Part 1 of this paleo-friendly guide.

It just so happens that every one of these options below are also gluten-free friendly. Yippee! For the gluten-free tips for these businesses below, click on the links that say “Locate Special Diet listing”.

Paleo Restaurant Guide to Austin, Texas

~ Hopdoddy

Hopdoddy is the best burger in town, in my opinion. Go bun-less, remove dairy to make more paleo-friendly. Pile on some extra veg.

Locate Special Diet listing

~ Salt Lick

BBQ sauce most always has sugar in it, so skip to make more paleo-friendly. Meat heaven!

Locate Special Diet listing

~ Lambert’s

I love their pork ribs (minus the glaze to make more paleo-friendly). The brussels with bacon are too-die-for.

Locate Special Diet listing

~ 24 Diner

Great modern diner downtown with plenty of paleo-friendly options to choose from.

Locate Special Diet listing

~ P. Terry’s

Lettuce wrapped burger – I always ask for extra tomatoes (sourced locally).

Locate Special Diet listing

~ Kerbey Lane

You can find something for everyone here. I love their omelets with no cheese or butter, add extra guacamole.

Locate Special Diet listing

~ Whole Foods Market Flagship

The flagship Whole Foods – love their salad bar.

Locate Special Diet listing

~ Chipotle

Chipotle is always great, and there are so many locations around town. So if you are in need of something fast and reliable, this is your place. Salad with steak, no beans or cheese, and add extra guacamole – for the win!

Locate Special Diet listing

~ Elevation Burger

More lettuce wrapped burgers … yum. 100% grass-fed and organic meats.

~ Trento

A little farther out from downtown but I think it’s worth the drive. They have great food and are always willing to accommodate ~ I normally get a steak with sautéed kale here.

Locate Special Diet listing

~ Tarka Indian Kitchen

Ask for no rice or grains, double up on the veg. They have some great coconut curries to choose from!

Locate Special Diet listing

Yesterday I asked the fans on my Facebook page where they like to eat out Paleo in Austin … Here were some of their suggestions:

Casey: East Side Showroom, Eastside Cafe

Kelli: Cafe Malta

Christina: Garrido’s

For those who are gluten-free, each of these places offers a gluten-free option and/or gluten-free menus. To view some of my tips for these businesses click on the links that say “Locate Special Diet.”

To view part one of this Paleo Restaurant Guide to Austin – hop on over to Brittanie’s paleo blog called: Three Diets one Dinner

 Locate Special Diet Mobile Apps

For those looking to find other gluten-free restaurant options near them – we now have a mobile app for free download. Seriously! Use our app, called Locate Special Diet to help you navigate the gluten-free scene while you are visiting Austin! (available on iPhoneAndroid, and our website). Built for the gluten-free people, by local gluten-free people. What more could you ask for?

Here are some sample screenshots!

What’s your favorite place to dine PALEO-FRIENDLY in Austin, Texas? Share it in the comment section below!

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