WIN a Pair of 3-day ACL passes + KIND Bar Snack Pack + Gluten-Free Food Options at ACL Eats 2012


Holy moly. This post is epic. 

Only a few more days until ACL and I could not be more excited. This will be my eighth year and I’m looking forward to creating new memories with friends; while enjoying some live music and adult beverages. Every year I write a blog post on the gluten-free food options at the ACL Eats food court. There are plenty of options this year (many not listed on their website), but first I want to talk to you about something a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

This giveaway has officially closed. Thank you to everyone who entered and thank you to KIND Snacks for sponsoring this giveaway. To view the GLUTEN-FREE Food options at ACL 2012, please scroll down. 

KIND Healthy Snacks has graciously offered the following prize pack for 1 lucky reader…

* A pair of THREE day ACL passes 

* KIND Snack Pack full of goodies that include their grains (granola) and bars in a variety of flavors

Yes, KIND Healthy Snacks is awesome.

As most of you know, I normally don’t write product reviews very often. The only time I ever do is when I find a product and company that I truly believe in. Before KIND contacted me, I had actually heard of their snacks and have been enjoying them for years. I love the mission behind their company, and how they offer safe and healthy options for the gluten-free community (and those wanting to grab healthy snacks).

Couple things I love about KIND:

- Their ingredients include items that you can see and pronounce! Something that seems rare these days in the land of processed foods.

- Their products are healthy, low glycemic, convenient, and best of all… they taste damn good.

Now who wants to win a pair (TWO WRISTBANDS) of ACL THREE day passes and a KIND Snack Pack?


How to enter:


1) Leave a comment on this blog post and let me know what your favorite KIND product is (make sure to leave your e-mail address in the comment)

Extra Entries:

2) Follow KIND Snacks on Twitter and leave a comment on this blog post letting me know you did (make sure to leave your email address in the comment)

3) Like KIND Snacks on Facebook and leave a comment on this blog post letting me know you did (make sure to leave your email address in the comment)





This giveaway is now closed! Giveaway ends October 11 at 8 p.m. CST. One winner will be chosen using The winner will be alerted via e-mail and we will meet up with the winner, Friday October 12th AM to give them their prize pack. The winner must be available to meet before 10 a.m. CST, October 12 in Austin to pick up prize pack.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by KIND Snacks. Even though this is a sponsored post, it does not sway my opinion. I’m always honest and open with my audience and I only support the best of the best. KIND is one of those companies.



Gluten-Free Options at ACL Eats Food Court, 2012

Austin’s Pizza

  • Gluten-Free Pizza

Bess Bistro 

  • Chicken and Andouille Jambalaya

Chi’lantro BBQ

  • Spicy Fries

Children of Kettle Korn

  • Small Kettle Korn
  • Large Kettle Korn

Daily Juice

  • Watermelon Agua Fresca
  • Blueberry Lemonade
  • Cool Minte Mate

Fresh Squeezed Best Lemonade

  • Lemon Lemonade
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Limeade
  • Strawberry Limeade

GoodPop Frozen Pops

  • Watermelon Agave
  • Hibiscus Mint
  • Strawberry
  • Coldbrew Coffee

Judges Hill

  • Pulled Puerco Pibil Sandwiches w/ Jicama Coleslaw & House Made Pickles (ask for the gluten-free bun, made by Udi’s)
  • Vegetarian Arepas w/ Poblanos & Jicama Coleslaw
  • Note: On the ACL website it says the chips are GF. These chips are fried in shared oil so do not eat due to cross contamination.

Luke’s Inside Out

  • Watermelon (plain or with goat cheese)

Maine Root

  • Texas Pink Cactus Lemonade
  • Mexicane Cola
  • Root Beer
  • Ginger Brew


  • French Fries

Second Bar and Kitchen

  • Truffled Pomme Frittes

Sweet Leaf Tea

  • Original Sweet Tea
  • Mint and Honey Green Tea
  • Peach Iced Tea
  • Raspberry Iced Tea
  • Citrus Green Tea
  • Lemon Iced Tea

Tim Love’s The Woodshed Smokehouse

  • Rabbit and Rattlesnake Sausage w/ House Mustard & Pickles
  • Elk and Beehive Sausage 1/4lb w/ House Mustard & Pickles


  • Curried Lentil Salad with Diced Veggies and Coconut Cilantro Salad
  • Peanut Butter Hummus with Fresh Veggie Chips
  • Rice Noodle Salad with Sesame Seeds and a Rice Vinegar Dressing


  • Ice Cream: Sweet Potato Marshmallow, Southern Belle Candied Peach and Pecan, Strawberry Mojito Sorbet, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Choco Vivo Salted Chocolate
  • Cookie: GF Coconut Almond

The Gardener’s Feast

  • Pork Tomatillo, Chicken Mole
  • Poblano and Muenster Cheese, Black Beans and Goat Cheese
  • Spinach and Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms, Onions and Epazote

Lamba’s Royal Indian Food

  • Mixed Vegetable Pakoras

Pate Letelier and Source

  • The Source Salad

The Seedling Truck

  • Side of Butternut and Bacon Soup
People’s RX General Store
  • They normally have various gluten-free snack bars and emergenC

Note: As always, please be aware of cross-contamination and please make educated choices.

Unconfirmed Options:

  • Salt Lick (Rib Boat): Their sauce is gluten-free at their restaurants and spice rub. Double check with staff.
  • Mighty Cone (Venison Wrap  without the wrap): For the past couple years you have been able to get the Venison Wrap without the wrap. Double check with staff.
  • Wahoo’s (Chicken Tacos): For the past couple of years, Wahoo’s has offered corn tortillas to go with their chicken tacos. Double check with staff.
  • PTerry’s (Bunless Burger): For the past few years, PTerry’s would offer bunless burgers. Double check with staff.


If you are visiting Austin and looking for gluten-free food options in our area, make sure and download the mobile app called Locate Special Diet (available on iPhone and Android).

And one more thing :) Thank you to those who pointed out my cartoon girl at the top looking funny. She does indeed look like an alien and this will be fixed soon!



  1. I love the peanut butter and dark chocolate bars! Perfect for trips!

  2. Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew is my favorite! And I can’t wait for ACL :)

  3. Following Kind on Twitter @atexastwist Email is

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    Love the dark chocolate peanut butter bars! (

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  16. Dark Chocolate Nuts & sea salts is my favorite!

  17. Almond & coconut is a great boost!

  18. The best is almond and coconut!!

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  21. fruit and nut delight AND peanut butter strawberry!!!

    also liked and followed – surprised i wasn’t already! love kind!

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  23. i like the plain ‘ole fruit and nut! followed on twitter (@kat8201) and liked on facebook.

    hooray for ACL!!

  24. Dark chocolate and cranberry is my fave.

  25. Daniel Zapata says:

    Fruit and Nut Delight is my favorite! ACL!

  26. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the almond and coconut bar!

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  28. well, I KIND of absolutely love the Mango Macadamia bars just a little bit!

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  30. Love Love Love the Almond & Coconut bar. It’s like cheating but Not!
    Liked on FB.

  31. I am a huge fan of the peanut butter and dark chocolate bars. A perfect combo in my mind. Followed on Twitter @westonwoodward and liked on Facebook. Boom!

  32. I love the Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate+ Protein Bar!! In general, these are the only bars that I can enjoy without getting an upset stomach & that makes me really happy :)

  33. I like Kind on FB!! …and Coolhaus ice cream, and ACL passes, and Chef Jess. Hi!! :)

  34. I love KIND peanut butter & chocolate!

  35. Wow, what a great giveaway! You had me at KIND Snacks, although I wouldn’t turn down passes to ACL either. I never met a KIND Bar I didn’t like, although if I had to pick a favorite it would be the almond and coconut.

    And I followed them on Twitter and liked on Facebook, for a triple shot at winning!

  36. Ashley LaRue says:

    Dark chocolate with sea salt cashew bar…delish!

  37. Peanut Butter and Strawberry!! A perfect PB&J in bar form! Delicioulsy practical, mmmmm!

  38. Apricot and almond with yogurt. Are. The. Best

  39. Alex Mize says:

    I love the fruit and nut! Can’t go wrong. Followed y’all on Facebook and Twitter


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  47. my absolute favorite is the almond apricot and yogurt! I eat a kind bar everyday on my way to work and when it’s the AAY one I feel like its Christmas! <3 <3 <3

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  52. :) My new favorite Kind bar is the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew and is followed in close second by the Apricot Almond. Liked on fB too.

  53. My favorite is the bar with with white chocolate and raspberry! I also love their new granola!
    I’ve followed on FB and Twitter!

  54. Mccall McPherson says:

    My two favorite things: music & kind bars! My favorite type is the Blueberry Vanilla that keeps me going back to Starbucks. I started following kind on twitter/Facebook!
    Email is

  55. apple cinnamon pecan is my jam !

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  57. fruit and nut delight are good! Liked and followed on facebook/twitter
    @ktiedt and ktiedt at gmail dot com

    (I really disagree with leaving email addresses in publicly visible (aka spam scrape-able) comments but… if thats the only way…)

  58. I’ve never tried KIND, but would love to!

  59. I also followed and liked!

  60. My fav is the almond and coconut! It reminds me of the Samoa girl scout cookies I used to be able to eat before I was diagnosed with Celiac. I followed on twitter @achiever_Julie and liked on Facebook!

  61. I Love the KIND Cranberry Almond Bars!
    I also liked KIND on Twitter and Facebook!

  62. Aaron Pena says:

    My favorite is the peanut butter and strawberry! Liked and followed you on facebook/twitter! Thanks for the awesome chance to win tickets! XD

  63. Mary Ellen Fine says:

    I LOVE Kind Bars. I like the fruit and nut bars – apricot and macadamia are the best – but anything with coconut tickles my fancy! So glad there will be gluten free options at ACL this year.
    Mary Ellen

  64. Dark chocolate cherry is my fave!

  65. Almond and Apricot for the WIN! Followed and liked :D
    Tickets are sweet, but I want them Noms!
    rna0014 @ gmail ‘dot’ com

  66. I love the new Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt! My friends Katy and Jarod over at Move Austin had them to sample and I sampled 4 bars lol so good! Already followed on twitter we love the bars we had for The Athlete Open!

  67. Almond & Coconut…yummy!!! LOVE me some KIND bars!

  68. I’ve liked Kind Snacks on FB too.

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  70. Jason long says:

    vanilla blubbery flax!!!!!! NOM NOM NOM

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  74. Stephanie Poelman says:

    The Peanut Butter and Strawberry or the Pomegranate Blueberry are my favorite go to bars when I am in need of a snack. I have followed @kindsnacks on twitter, “Liked” on Facebook and ready to head to ACL, courtesy of Kind Snacks! is my email address!

  75. Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate!

  76. I’m a huge, huge fan of KIND! Love their almond & coconut bar!

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  78. Almond Coconut for the win!

  79. I absolutely love all of their bars…but if I have to choose one, blueberry coconut…no, wait, pb & j! I just love all of them!

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  82. Love me some Children of Kettle Corn with my Sweet Leaf Honey Mint Tea. Sweetalicious!

  83. Dark Chocolate, et all…

  84. Peanut butter and strawberry!

  85. Rebecca Story says:

    My favorite snacks are the apple cinnamon KIND bars!! I always stash a few in my purse!!!

  86. Natasha H says:

    The Madagascar Vanilla Almond (

  87. Jessica S. says:

    I love the Fruit and Nut bars…. so much I ate my bf’s roommates with out her permission! It felt good to be guilty!! missjesselyn at gmail dot com

  88. Almonds + Apricot in Yogurt! Yum!

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    I love dark chocolate anything especially gluten free!

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  95. Ooh yeah. I am now following KIND on Twitter and liked on Facebook!
    Fav. is still Dark chocolate cherry + cashew!!! ;)

  96. My caisin sensitive digestion loves the almond + coconut bar AND the dark chocolate peanut butter bar!!!

  97. Shelley Simpson says:

    My favorite KIND bar is almond walnut macadamia + protein ! Love all your info, helps us celiac patients :) can’t wait for ACL so thank you for the food options!

  98. Angela Anders says:

    That Almond Coconut bar has gotten me out of a ton of jams. Just when I’m feeling weak and want to cave in favor of a bad choice my KIND bar has saved the day. It tastes like dessert! SO satisfying. It’s the only bar I buy anymore.

  99. Shelley Simpson says:

    Liked on Facebook and twitter :) love kind products !!!!!

  100. I love the Almond Coconut! Nom Nom Nom!!!! And I like Kind on FB and Twitter :)

  101. Kalyn Baur says:

    I like the peanut butter one the most. They’re all pretty good though.

  102. Mindy Bayer says:

    It’s all about Almond Coconut!

  103. Mindy Bayer says:

    I followed Kind on twitter! I’m @mindyjo.

  104. Mindy Bayer says:

    I also liked Kind on facebook,!

  105. Braulio Alvarez says:

    My favorite KIND product is the Almond Coconut! I am now following @kindsnacks on Twitter & I like KIND on Facebook!

  106. Chris Laguna says:

    Peanut Butter & Strawberry bar of course!
    Followed on twitter @dclaguna and liked on Facebook!

  107. I like almond and coconut! meghaleen at

  108. I’m following Kind on twitter

  109. Hi, my favorite KIND snacks product is the fruit, nut and yogurt bar. I’m also following KIND snacks on twitter!

  110. Esteban Justin Kelly says:

    Best is pomegranate blueberry pistachios + antioxidants!!! Just bought a whole box of them!!!

  111. Jennifer Stanford says:

    Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew Bars are awesome! Cant wait for ACL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Jennifer Stanford says:

    I liked KIND Healthy Snacks on Facebook!

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    I followed KIND on Twitter!!!

  114. Angel Landrum says:

    I love the sea salt and chocolate Kind Bar! I also enjoy their cereals. Kind bars make me happy.

  115. Cranberry and almond bars are the best!

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  117. I liked the Kind Facebook page

  118. Sarah DeLong says:

    The new dark chocolate cherry cashew is a deliscious, healthy alternative for my sweet tooth! I love it!
    I have also followed KIND snacks on twitter as well as favorited them on Facebook! Thanks for the opportunity while supporting quality food : )

  119. Dark chocolate and cranberry for me please. Facebook like, check, Twitter follow, check.

  120. Josh Meyer says:

    I love the almond coconut KIND bars!!!

  121. Josh Meyer says:

    I also liked the KIND fb page and followed on twitter

  122. I love kind bars. My favorite is the chocolate, cherry, cashew bar.

    kitchenconcoctions at gmail dot com

  123. I like kind on facebook.

  124. I follow kind on twitter.

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  126. Dark Chocolate Cherry are our favorite bars! Even my picky 4 year old loves them.

  127. Sarah Palmer says:

    I’m obsessed with the new Madagascar Vanilla Almond KIND bar. It’s the perfect afternoon snack when I need a protein boost and some healthy fats.

    I’m now following/liking KIND on both twitter and facebook.

  128. The Almond Cashew with Flax & Omega Kind is my favourite go to bar – but I also really love the Madagascar Vanilla Almond Kind, which is soooo delicious! I am following Kind on twitter and facebook. Thanks!

  129. Andrew Clark says:

    I love the Peanut Butter Dark Choc Protein Kind bar!

  130. I was eating a Kind blueberry pecan+Fiber while I was reading this article. I like the the bars with fruit in them.

  131. Vema Reddy says:

    I love Fresh Squeezed Best Lemonade and the Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Protein Bar! I follow you on facebook and twittter.

  132. Almond Walnut Macadamia with Peanuts PLUS Protein!YUM! (

  133. Peanut butter dark chocolate + protein is the jam. It’s nice to have a protein bar where you can actually see the individual ingredients.. KIND variety pack carried me through the state of Florida on my cross-country bicycle ride which just so happened to end in Austin.. hmm. The blog of which is linked to this user name.

  134. my favorite is the almond coconut bar!!

  135. I’m following Kind snacks on Twitter and liked them on Facebook!

  136. Lots of kind love going on, and I agree. I travel with work and each week grab an 11 0z bag of KIND grains. My top two favs: Maple Walnut Clusters and Oats & Honey Clusters! Thanks for the ACL GF options update too ~ whoo hoo

  137. The dark-chocolate cherry cashew bar is my favorite! Nothing like it when a meal is far away!

  138. Amanda McArthur says:

    I absolutely LOVE Kind snacks and my favorite is the almond & apricot bar. So badass that they are partnering with you for this giveaway!!

  139. Amanda McArthur says:

    Just followed Kind Snacks on Facebook! + 1 :)

  140. I’ve always been a fan of the Fruit & Nut Delight, but I tried the Chocolate & Sea Salt the other day…O*M*G* Delish! THANKS FOR YOUR INFO!

  141. Oh and I folow KINDSnacks on Facebook & Twitter!

    Angie Sarmiento

  142. I love Kind Bars, especially the Almond and Coconut one.

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  144. Followed Kind on Twitter!

  145. Katie Russell says:

    almond anc cocunut!! :)

  146. Katie Russell says:

    I liked KIND on facebook!

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    I followed KIND on twitter too :)

  148. The Almond & Coconut KIND bars and the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashey + Antioxidants KIND bars are AMAZING!!! Liked on FB and followed on twitter!!

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  150. Jody Haller says:

    Nothing compares to the dark chocolate cherry cashew bars. YUM!

  151. Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew is my favorite!

  152. Jody Haller says:

    Following KIND on Twitter now!

  153. Jody Haller says:

    And I already liked KIND on FB.

  154. Love the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew bars and the Vanilla Blueberry granola!

  155. And I like KIND on FB.

  156. Seriously addicted to the new dark chocolate cinnamon pecan! They’re the best!

    Would love to win..

  157. Following KIND on Twitter.

  158. I have liked Kind on facebook

  159. Following Kind on Twitter

  160. cranberry almond is number one for me!!!

  161. fruit & nuts in yogurt…yumm!!!

  162. so many choices, but I would have to say almond and apricot…however, they are all really good!

  163. Nut delight! YUM YUM!

  164. Mandi Shah says:

    PB and Choc!!!!

  165. Mandi Shah says:

    Liked yall on FB and followed on Twitter!

  166. Like on FB and TWIT!

  167. Love the PB dark chocolate + protein after my workouts!! :)

  168. I like the dark chocolate and sea salt.

  169. I adore the coconut/almond bars. OH SO YUMMY!

  170. Followed on Twitter – @prairiemama

  171. Daniel H. says:

    Like KIND nut delight bar.

  172. I liked their facebook page.

  173. Daniel H. says:

    Followed KIND on Twitter.

  174. Mookie Bogues says:

    I love Chilantro BBQ!..and dominating

  175. Ernest Whitman says:

    Goodpops are yum. and I wanna see that chick tap dance on a drum

  176. Albert Newton says:

    E=MC please gimme a ticket

  177. Skete Hoocherton says:


  178. Nicole Marett says:

    My favorite bar is the peanut butter and dark chocolate. My email is

  179. Tyler Durden says:

    Bitch tits loves Austin’s Pizza

  180. Nicole Marett says:

    Liked KIND on Facebook. Email:

  181. Fozzy Bergeron says:

    OU sucks

  182. PB and dark chocolate FOR SURE!

  183. liked on FB!

  184. if i had a twitter, id do that too.


  186. Nicole Marett says:

    Following KIND on Twitter as well.

  187. Katie Shahvandi says:

    I adore the Dark chocolate peanut butter bars!!!

  188. I am in love with Kind’s Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew bars! They are always with me! I subscribed…my email is I am going to like Kind on FB right now!

  189. Jessica Ridge says:

    Almond & Coconut bars are my favorite!

  190. Jodi Jones says:

    Cranberry Almond is my fave! i did a promo for KIND at SXSW last year and fell in love with them! My email is Liking KIND on FB also!!!

  191. Robert Phillips says:

    Almond Coconut is the best! Email is Liking KIND on FB now… =)

  192. Almond and Apricot is my go-to snack. I always have one in my handbag and buy them by the box. Also, a necessity for traveling. If I haven’t already liked them on FB, I will now.

  193. Fruit and nut delight :)

  194. I also liked KIND on Fbook :)

  195. The peanut butter-dark chocolate bar is amazing. No way it’s GF!

  196. I’m following KIND on Twitter. I liked them on Facebook!

  197. Brett Matens says:

    My favorite KIND Bar is Almond & Coconut. We were happy to find KIND products as a Gluten Free Option.

  198. Brett Matens says:

    I’m following KIND on Twitter and Facebook.

  199. Christi Matens says:

    Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew is my favorite KIND Bar.

  200. Christi Matens says:

    I’m following KIND on Facebook.

  201. Spartacus says:

    I am

  202. I like the cranberry, almond, and antioxidant ber.

  203. I like the cranberry, almond, and antioxidant bar…

  204. Following on twitter…

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  206. Love Kind!

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  209. All of them! but i do love the dark chocolate cherry!

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  211. Alyson Martin says:

    Dark choc peanut butter!

  212. Peanut butter dark chocolate!!!!

  213. oats and honey clusters with toasted coconut!!!

  214. oops:
    oats and honey clusters with toasted coconut!!!

  215. Following them on twitter!

  216. Liked em on facebook!

  217. Jeff Amador says:

    My favorite KIND product is their fruit and nut bar!

  218. Jeff Amador says:

    I followed KIND on Twitter (@ChippyFonToast)

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    I liked KIND on facebook

  220. Bluebery pecan bars!!!

  221. I liked Kind on FB!

  222. I follow Kind on Twitter.

  223. My very favorite sweet treat is the coconut almond Kind Bar!! I love those bars! My email address is

  224. I liked Kind Snacks on Facebook!

  225. Francesca says:

    Love love love the Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate + Protein Bar!

  226. Francesca says:

    I liked KIND on facebook, because I like KIND!!

  227. Francesca says:

    I’m now following KIND Snacks on twitter. @FarmerFrannyC

  228. The dark chocolate+cherry is my fave. Thanks for the giveaway!

  229. Midori Campbell says:

    Love the dark chocolate cherry KIND bars! It’s like eating a candy bar that’s good for me. I’m following KIND snacks on twitter now @Campbellwife

  230. Midori Campbell says:

    And I forgot to leave my email address in the comment from above:

  231. Brent Brown says:

    Me likes the Almond & Cocounut!!!!!!

  232. Kristen Doelling says:

    I’ll fill my tummy with your yummy goodness all weekend long! Followed on twitter @musicislife_29, liked you on facebook. Help a girl out, purdy please fellow Austinites! LOVE YOU! :)

  233. Almond Apricot is the BEST!, liked on faceboook, and followed on twitter!! :)

  234. Austin’s Pizza’s g-free cheese pizza

  235. Brie Hagle says:

    The dark chocolate cherry cashew + antioxidants is delicious!

  236. Brie Hagle says:

    I liked KIND on Facebook.

  237. Brie Hagle says:

    I’m following KIND on twitter.

  238. I’m now following Kind Snacks on Twitter :).

  239. Karen Freeman says:

    My favorite is the almond + coconut! It is great at satisfying my sweet tooth (which cravings happen more than I prefer) ;)

    I’m following KIND on Twitter and Facebook already!! yayyy!!!! please pick me!!!!

  240. Jessica mosman says:

    Cranberry antioxidant are great!!! Love to win!!!

  241. I (Marc Montrose) liked KINDsnacks on FB and I hope I win!

  242. My favorite Kind Bar is definitely DARK CHOCOLATE CHERRY CASHEW + ANTIOXIDANTS! FTW

  243. paola rocio says:

    My favorite its p terry french fries

  244. Looooove the PB and dark chocolate.

  245. Paul Zafiro says:

    Really like the Dark chocolate and Peanut butter.

    I also like the facebook page and I am now following you on Twitter !! :)

  246. David Glick says:

    Dark Chocolate PB is da BOMB!!

  247. Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew is where it is at!

  248. Jenn Yanez says:

    I LOVE the almond and coconut!! I have liked them on facebook and followed on twitter

  249. scott greytak says:

    The dark chocolate peanut bars get me up in the morning!!

  250. Nathan Carpenter says:

    I love the Peanut butter and strawberry. It makes me feel like a kid again.

  251. Sarah Garza says:

    I love the almond and coconut! It is delish!!

  252. Sarah Garza says:

    I liked Kind on FB!!

  253. Kind Apricot Macadamia Bar.

  254. I liked Kind Healthy Snacks on Facebook.

  255. I would love the chocolates! Also, gluten-free food is the one that made me into joining this. However, I love all your giveaways! :)

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