Booze a la Cart with Liquid Austin and Lembas Bakery and Breakfast

Lembas Green Eggs and Ham. No green food coloring here. Their eggs are pureed in a blender with fresh kale before scrambling.


Recently, I had the pleasure of joining Emma Janzen of Liquid Austin (Austin 360) for an evening of cocktails and delicious gluten-free food at Lembas Bakery and Breakfast. Lembas is the first completely gluten-free food trailer in Austin, which recently opened, and they are serving a wide variety of breakfast dishes.

Lembas gluten-free cookies, cinnamon roll bun (very popular), and muffins


While we dined, Emma and I enjoyed two cocktails, a St. Germain cocktail that paired well with the Lembas green eggs and ham dish, and a Grand Marnier Mimosa that paired well with chorizo frittata.

Lembas Chorizo Frittata paired well with the Grand Marnier Mimosa


For the full article, head on over to Liquid Austin where you will also be able to see a video of yours truly explaining my experience at Lembas. I enjoyed their trailer and will definitely be back. If you are also dairy-free or paleo, they got you covered!


St. Germain cocktail paired well with the Lembas Green Eggs and Ham


For an update for what is going on with me… well I’m furiously working towards the Locate Special Diet launch! If you haven’t signed up for our beta invitation list then you definitely should. We will be launching very soon! Hopefully soon I will get back in the kitchen and create some more delicious gluten-free recipes for you all to enjoy. If you have any requests, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below… I need some inspiration!


  1. I am a little too excited to read about this! I can’t wait to go and try it. Plus, I trust your opinion so I’m definitely headed there very soon.

  2. Wow. Kale Eggs…. What a fantastic idea!

  3. First of all, St. Germain is the best stuff ever, isn’t it? And those green eggs. Wow. They are very, very green. I love green juice…but green eggs? I’ll have to try them I guess.

  4. This looks so tasty! I’d love to try some at some point ! :)

  5. Lembas Bakery and Breakfast sounds really great! I would love to try it someday.


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    Booze a la Cart with Liquid Austin and Lembas Bakery and Breakfast | ATX Gluten-Free

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