Vegetarian Restaurants in Austin (South, Central, Downtown)


This is my second and final contribution to the 2012 Austin Food Blogger Alliance City Guide...which goes LIVE tomorrow (click here to see my gluten-free dinner list in Austin). Make sure and check out the guide to read over 75 posts from some of Austin’s most active food bloggers. We have done the research for you and have come up with great lists for everything from Asian fusion dining to the best coffee bars in Austin.

This post will cover Vegetarian restaurants in south, central and downtown Austin. And just for a small disclaimer, I am not completely vegetarian, but I eat vegetarian/vegan meals on occasion while I’m out and about. Many of these restaurants or businesses have multiple locations. Make sure and check out their websites for more information! Some of these restaurants have separate vegetarian menus so I recommend you double check with staff upon arrival.

Austin Restaurants with Vegetarian Choices

Note: This is a partial list of vegetarian restaurants in Austin. Also, this is not a gluten-free list. Yes, some of these have gluten-free options but this list is geared toward vegetarians. Check out the blogger guide if you would like to read about vegetarian restaurants in North Austin. If you are vegan, make sure and check out the post by Lazy Smurf. Other city guide posts include dining out sustainably and raw food

If you would like to leave a restaurant or business suggestion, please feel free to leave a comment below. Also if you know of a specific dish at one of these restaurants, feel free to share in the comment section. 


  1. Thanks for sharing the listing of Austin Restaurants with Vegetarian choices.
    You did a great job. Your posting a great source of information. I travel a lot with my son that has celiac disease.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Molly Hyde-Caroom says:

    So excited to see this list and can’t wait until we come back again to try some out! I am bummed I didn’t remember it was here last week! I think I cleaned your blog out of my blogs I follow but I am signed up now and I will be sure that doesn’t ever happen again!

  3. This is a fantastic guide! We used it through our whole trip! Let me know when you all come to Sacramento so that we can show you around!

  4. There is a How Do You Roll sushi place up north too, at the north end of 360 at Mo-Pac.

  5. Oh, and Tarka is also next to IKEA up here in Round Rock :) There could be one on Anderson, I saw the sign across the road from Steinmart. Mmm.. now I need naan!

  6. This is a truly compreshensive list! I can’t believe I have been to most of them. Can’t wait to try the moroccan place. I’ve even been to the chalupa place with my kids since they adore chalupas. The only one that comes to mind is Maoz the falafel place in the Triangle. They recently opened so maybe didn’t make it to your list because of that. Thanks!


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    Vegetarian Restaurants in Austin (South, Central, Downtown) | ATX Gluten-Free

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