Gluten-Free Dinner Options in Austin, 2012


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Another year and another post for the awesome Austin Food Blogger Alliance Annual City Guide. I’ve participated in the city guide for the past two years for SXSW (2011, 2010), but this year we are trying to give Austinites (and friends) a more detailed approach to the guide. Make sure and check out the full guide, which will be posted in it’s entirety March 1st on the main AFBA website. You will be able to check out over 75 detailed posts from local food bloggers who know their city!

There will be three gluten-free posts in this year’s guide. I am writing about local places to grab a yummy gluten-free dinner, and two other bloggers will be writing about local gluten-free breakfast and lunch spots, so make sure and check out the guide if you want to read those.

This year’s list is in no particular order and not organized by neighborhood. Many of these have multiple locations, and not all of them have gluten-free menus. Many on this particular list do have gluten-free menus though or at least marked items on their menu. If it is available on their website I will link to it, if not double check with their staff. Also, check out their websites for more information. I’m placing some of my local favorites in bold!

If you will be traveling to Austin again soon or looking to find more local spots that cater to a special diet lifestyle (in Austin and beyond), then don’t forget to sign up for my new website and mobile app launching very soon. We will be sending out invitations for our beta launch soon—> LOCATE SPECIAL DIET

For those of you on Foursquare, I have also created a gluten-free friendly list with tips for over 45 restaurants and bars in Austin.

Without further ado…

Gluten-Free Dinner Options in Austin, 2012:

Please note, as always, this is not a full list of gluten-free friendly dinner spots in Austin. This is only a partial list. Also, the majority of these restaurants are not completely gluten-free, which means you might come across cross contamination. Please do your research, ask questions and dine at your own risk. I can tell you this though, I dine out at all of these restaurants on a somewhat regular basis (yes, I dine out often). If you have any questions, feel free to email me at (atxglutenfreeATgmailDOTcom).

If you want to add to the list, please leave your comments below.


  1. Bartlett’s has a gluten free menu.

  2. This gives me so much hope and so many new restaurants to try!!!

  3. Great list! I’ll add Jack Allen’s Kitchen. Yum!

  4. Jess, you are a life saver. Thank you for assembling this list!!

  5. I look forward to this list every year. There are always new places to try. Thanks!
    I recently ate at Lenoir on S Lamar and they told me all but two dishes on the menu were GF and the others could be modified. It was great.

  6. Clay Pit and Tarka both have gluten free menus and are locally owned and very good!

  7. Wow! This is such a terrific resource. Great post!!

  8. Angie Hyndman says:

    Beets living food cafe is totally gluten free and yummy. Wholly cow has a grass fed burger where they use portobello caps as the bun which is great.

  9. Steven Benoit says:

    You just made my day! Thank you, Jess!!!!!

  10. Thank you so much! I’d like to add, though, that the PF Chang’s by the convention center consistently made me sick when I was at SXSW last year, even ordering off the GF menu. Eat there at your own risk. >_<

    • Hi Andrea! PF Chang’s as national chain has a gluten-free menu at every location. From my understanding, their staff training for GF may be different for each location, including that downtown Austin location. I have gotten CC’d at that PF Chang’s before also, but another time I was fine. If you haven’t tried Mama Fu’s Chinese food, try it! It’s pretty good and I seem to have a more consistent experience there. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  11. Trento’s Italian on 360

    90% of the menu is marked- ‘may be prepared gluten-free.’

  12. We have a small bakery and cafe in Cedar Park that is 100% gluten & casein free. We aren’t open for dinner but we serve breakfast & lunch and would love to be listed on your guide. Thanks!
    Bee’s Knees Bakeshop

    • Hi Kecia, I would suggest you get in contact with the other bloggers writing for the AFBA food guide for gluten-free bfast or lunch. They will have their posts up by March 1st. This is a dinner guide so I am unable to add you to this list at this time. Thanks for your inquiry! – Jessica

  13. Great list! I would add Snap Kitchen. They have a gluten-free menu with tons of options. My favorite is Vegetable Lasagna!

  14. Is there any chance that these restaurants cater to other diets as well? I was diagnosed with both gluten and corn intolerance about a year ago, but I have had nothing but disappointment with “gluten free” options as most of them replace wheat products with GM corn (which is far, far harder to avoid than gluten since almost everything has corn starch, corn oil, or corn syrup in it anyways). Besides the trusty steak/steamed veggies/baked potato, I have all but thrown in the towel on eating out.

    Am I going to get lucky this year?

    • Hi Sock, I’m sorry but I am not able to break down this list to corn free also. This list already took sometime! Of course, a short recommendation would be to go with whole foods- such as meats, veggies and fruits when out versus the obvious corn dishes. I know Austin is very understanding about GF, so if you ask the waiter I am sure they can help you. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. I know that has to be frustrating! If you email me I will send you an email of someone here I know that is corn free also. — Jessica

    • Hey, Sock!

      My name is Jo and I run a new breakfast and bakery trailer in north Austin. We are entirely grain and gluten free so there are no corn or wheat products in any of our food. Come check us out!

      We are open from 7am-11am Tues-Fri and 8am-2pm Sat-Sun at 6701 Burnet Rd.

      Jo Welch

  15. This list looks so helpful! I have to avoid dairy too, like a lot of celiacs, but at least now I gave some places to call. Promise Pizza in Round Rock can do gf/df pizza, and I’ve NEVER been “poisoned” there. I think they have an Austin location too.

  16. Jessica A. says:

    Awesome list! Your blog is always so helpful. I just want to throw out that when I went to Franklin’s BBQ, I was told that only some of their sauces are gluten-free. The dark sauce apparently has soy sauce in it and I was told not to eat it.

  17. Tarka Indian Kitchen has extensive Gluten Free & Vegan options. Guests can check our website to download our Gluten Free Menu or ask for the menu at the counter.

    I did not see Tarka on the list of Gluten Free dining options and was hoping we could get added to that list. We are locally owned with existing locations in South Austin & Round Rock, and an upcoming location in North Austin near Mopac & Anderson Lane.

    Thank you!

  18. Thai Fresh, and it’s adjoining coffee shop Thrice, are both great for us gluten-free eaters. Almost all of their options are gluten-free. They use rice noodles and gluten free soy sauce. The owner is gluten free, so they are very knowledgeable about what is safe for celiacs and those with gluten sensitivity. At Thrice, they have excellent coffee, wine, beer on tap, and lots of gluten free treats. There will also be life music during SXSW this year. and

  19. So glad to have found you. What a great resource! I was wondering if you might know about Subway’s gluten-free test market info. Did they ever come to Austin? Do any of Austin’s locations have GF bread? I love Subway and really miss their sandwiches!

    • Subway is not testing in Austin but hopefully they will soon. Apparently their gluten-free tests are going well in the cities they are testing in. In the meantime, enjoy a gluten-free sub at Thundercloud subs (Lake Austin location only).

  20. Great list of restaurants! I have a few that are worth including. :)

    There are a handful of restaurants in the Domain that are very GF friendly:
    Jasper’s in the Domain has a fantastic GF menu. I’ve never been disappointed.
    Daily Grill has one as well.
    North doesn’t have a specific menu, but they serve GF pasta and their food is divine.
    Maggiano’s has GF pasta and the chef is more than willing to come to your table and discuss great options with you!

    Tomo Sushi off Parmer – they are working on a GF menu, but until then, if you just alert Steve (the owner and head sushi chef), he will make you something delightful.

    Lastly, Vino 100 in Round Rock is a wine bar and eatery. No specific GF menu, but Bryan (the owner) has started carrying GF pasta, crackers, etc. and is more than willing to try and find you something amazing to eat!

  21. Thanks for this great list. It will help me plan special meals out for my GF wife. :)

    A couple things:
    - I love TacoDeli as much as the next guy, but, since they close at 3pm, should they be included in a “Dinner” list?
    - your menu link for Fleming’s actually points to P. Terry’s. You probably meant to use:

  22. Is there a Chef’s Degree in Gluten free cooking?

  23. While not included in the gluten free guide by ATXGlutenfree, Bufalo Bob’s Chalupa Wagon at South First St. & W. Live Oak has a menu where over 70% of his Chalupas and Nachos are gluten free. He specializes in Range Fed All Natural Bison, Chicken and Vegetarian Chalupas. All of Bufalo Bob’s products are free of artificial ingredients and preservatives, all of the meats he uses are certified free of hormones and antibiotics. He uses homemade recipes and uses extra virgin olive oil and sea salt in those recipes. Bufalo Bob’s Chalupas are also low in saturated fats and sodium yet high in omega 3′s, Fiber and Flavor. Bufalo Bob’s Cordoba Chalupa is also a finalist in the Mayor’s Fitness Challenge/ Healthy Entree Contest. The best Chalupas in Austin.

  24. Which doctors test for gluten sensitivity?

  25. Looks like it’s getting easier to list restaurants that don’t offer gluten-free. How wonderful for the gluten sensitive eater in Austin.

  26. I was with a GF friend at PF Changs the other day and she had a reaction to her food because the waiter didn’t understand she wanted the order to be GF. The waiter was told at least four times “gluten free” and it still ended up from the wrong end of the kitchen. If you have severe reactions to gluten, check that the plate has the restaurant logo or name on it, this indicates it was prepared gluten-free for you. The manager was very friendly and appologized several times.

  27. Thank you! I’ll be living in Austin for the summer and I’ve been nervous about my food options for when I get there. Your guide is so helpful and very much appreciated!

  28. Christina says:

    Andiamo Ristorante – Authentic Italian Restaurant – has gluten free pasta and will also cook items you bring in.

  29. Oh my god, Thundercloud has gf sandwiches????? I’m on a plane to Austin right now. No, seriously, I am.

    Thanks for this awesome list!

  30. Michael says:

    This list is great! Does anyone know where to find a comparable list of GF *brunch* spots in Austin?

  31. Judges’ Hill Restaurant has a Gluten free menu (you just have to request it) It is almost as large as their regular menu!

  32. FYI, Mandola’s now has gluten free noodles! Also, All Star Burger in Bee Cave has GF burgers and great salads. They use Udi’s buns. Thanks for the list!

  33. New India on South Congress has a marked menu, and a substantial amount of it is naturally Gluten Free. They have a naan-like bread that is GF as well.

  34. Coming to Austin this weekend for ACL…THANK GOODNESS for this list! Thank you Thank you!

  35. Hill Country Ranch Pizzeria just opened in Austin, they have Gluten-Free pizzas, pastas, and desserts. The desserts are from Better Bites Bakery.

  36. Hopdoddy’s is the worst burger I have ever had but I am comparing that to the Casino burger from 15 years ago.

  37. indian palace austin have gluten free buffet in austin on far west blvd 113


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