ATX Gluten-Free News: July 2011

It’s been a while since we have written a gluten-free news segment. We’ve been working hard on our projects (and thesis). So much so that we have gotten sidetracked! If you know of any local or national gluten-free news happening now, leave it in the comment section and share with us!

Love Pup Brownies has launched a gluten-free brownie option.

The Soup Peddler will mark “GF” next to gluten-free soups on their menu, which is updated daily.

Fleming’s has a new gluten-free menu.

Eddie V’s has launched a new gluten-free menu (post coming soon).

Udi’s hamburger and hot dog buns- available now at many local grocery stores including Sprouts, Whole Foods and Central Market.

The Alamo Celiac has provided some guidelines for eating safely at The County Line…Although slightly outdated, their menu has stayed the same as well as preparation.

Red’s Porch has some gluten-free options including burgers (no bun), tacos (no rice), and some salads. Talk with restaurant manager to learn more.

Zatarains has launched a new line of gluten-free products.

Gluten-free Rice Krispies have hit the shelves…

Alamo Drafthouse has taken some things off their menu that used to be “gluten-free.” Make sure and double check with staff.

Austin Food Blogger Alliance has launched in Austin… are you a local food blogger? Join!

California Pizza Kitchen has launched their new gluten-free menu.

Some of Puffins Cereals boxes have marked gluten-free symbols now.

Macaroons by Jane has gluten-free macaroons that are too-die-for. I recently was able to sample several different flavors, thanks Jane!

Good to Go, a spinoff of The Grove will be opening this month or next. They will offer numerous gluten-free options, and are working closely with GIG (Gluten-Intolerance Group).

Soleil updates their gluten-free options regularly and their menu items are clearly marked.

Uncle Billy’s has marked menu items now.

The Skinny Girl Margarita franchise is coming out with a new cocktail-Skinny Girl Sangria, all gluten-free.

Luna Bars are coming out with a few gluten-free versions.

Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka is gluten-free…

Central Market has a gluten-free menu in their cafe.

Important Note: If you live in Austin, I’m sure you have heard of the “gluten-free” products coming out of Jenny’s Bakehouse. She is a whole sale distributor that has products in numerous People’s RX locations, among others. I’ve received several complaints about cross contamination issues when eating her products. Since she bakes “gluten products” in her home, there is a chance that the gluten-free products are being contaminated. So please, eat at your own risk. This also goes for most restaurants in Austin that are not working with GIG or or not gluten-free certified. It is always important to educate yourself about cross contamination, gluten and where it is found, and to listen to your own body.

Updated 9/26/2011: Jenny’s bake-house products were tested by the GIG and they confirmed that they are NOT gluten-free, so do not eat them.

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Stay tuned for more delicious gluten-free recipes!


  1. Hey! I’m incredibly excited to hear of all of these options. I have a question about the Puffins. I know that they have a few items that have been marked for a good while, like the Multigrain. When I read other ingredients, they are gluten-free, they just aren’t marked. Are those the ones which are now marked GF?

    • I would only eat the ones that are marked GF now. The ones that might have gluten free ingredients, but are not marked, might have cross contamination. Hope that helps.

  2. Mary Lee says:

    There is a lot of risk of cross contamination at Califonia Pizza Kitchen as well. They will cook the g-free pizza’s in the same oven as the regular pizza’s. I know all of their staff was trained, and I haven’t had any problems yet (I may have eaten there twice last week :), but I could see it being a problem for those that are extremely sensitive.

  3. People’s Pharmacy informed us that there are people who are angry that they can no longer buy Jenny’s products there. As you know, for several months Jenny represented her products as being gluten-free. The ingredients on her labels were gluten free. Yet some people were getting sick after eating her products and the national GIG organization tested two of her products and found them to have a high gluten content, far beyond what would be cross contamination issues. In other words, wheat flour had been added to her products. People’s claims that they are explaining this to customers who still want her products. This just blows my mind. Jenny has been conning the celiac/gluten-free community and they still want to give her money??

    • Dru- thank you for expressing your concerns. I too do not understand why People’s continues to promote her products. Unfortunately, that is not in our control. All we can do is hope that the word continues to spread that her products are not gluten-free and that people will make the right choices to not eat her products. In her case for making so many people sick, I hope she knows that karma is a bitch. HA!

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