Tuesday Treasures: House Wine

Welcome to a new series on ATX Gluten-Free. This series is called Tuesday Treasures; where we will be sharing our top picks for Austin such as: favorite dishes, gluten-free friendly restaurants, favorite drinks, favorite spots to shop, hang out or play. Are you from somewhere else? No worries, we’ve got you covered. We will also be sharing our top picks for gluten-free products, kitchen utensils, books and more. Right here on ATX Gluten-Free, every Tuesday. We are giving you a sneak peak into our lives through pictures and tips. I hope you enjoy!

First up on Tuesday Treasures is House Wine. House Wine is one of my favorite wine bars in Austin. Why? It is laid back, has gluten-free crackers for their cheese plates (!), local cheese, a great selection of well-priced wine, and it has an Austin-y eclectic feel. The staff is wonderful. I suggest you go visit right away if you have not already.

Wine suggestion… We loved this one you see in the picture below. It went well with the local brie and gluten-free nut thin crackers!

House Wine

408 Josephine Street
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 322-5210



  1. i love this new series! great photos too! :)

  2. funny you mention this one – I just had a meeting with some local folks there and wondered *how* on earth I hadn’t fount it before as it’s right down the street! Sundays are 50% off glasses of wine opened the night before – great deal! [and delicious little snacks too]

  3. Love them and love that they serve gluten-free crackers with their cheese!

  4. Thank you very much for your wonderfully nice words and for mentioning us in your Tuesday Treasures feature! We recently added a gluten-free dark chocolate dessert cup from The Happy Vegan Bakery. They are so rich, satisfying and delicious! Another reason to come back and see us! We hope you will soon :D

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