Tuesday Treasures: Bard’s Beer (Gluten-Free)

Welcome to the second posting in Tuesdays Treasures!

One of the most popular questions I get from the newly diagnosed (or people just curious about the gluten-free lifestyle) is what alcoholic beverages do you drink? My answer is that there are plenty of alcoholic beverages out there that are gluten-free; you just need to know what to look for. I personally stick with vodka or wine, but sometimes it is nice to have an ice-cold beer. There are a few gluten-free beers in the US. Only 3 mainstream gluten-free beers may be found in Texas, and they are Bard’s, Redbridge and Greens.

Out of the three that are here in Texas, I prefer Bard’s. Redbridge and Greens are too heavy and dark for me. Bard’s is a very refreshing beer. Bard’s is considered a medium-bodied American Lager with floral aroma and low bitterness. It is a sorghum based beer and is free of wheat, rye, barley and oats.

Bard’s is currently available in some restaurants/bars including:

Brick Oven South, The Draught House Pub, Fion Wine Pub, The Flying Saucer, Maudies (N. Lamar only) and the Black Star Co-Op.

Bard’s is available at numerous retail locations including:

  • Fresh Plus (408 E. 43rd)
  • Central Market North
  • Central Market South
  • HEB (Hwy 71)
  • HEB (2110 W Slaughter)
  • HEB (Brodie)
  • HEB (7301 N FM 620)
  • HEB (11521 N FM 620)
  • HEB (5800 Slaughter)
  • HEB (Westlake)
  • HEB (7025 Village Ctr Dr)
  • HEB (Pflugerville)
  • The Market at Steiner Ranch
  • Sunflower Farmers Market (Manchaca)
  • Sunflower Farmers Market (Bee Caves)
  • Passionate Spirits (N. Lamar)
  • RS Food Mart (Rosewood)
  • Specs (Airport)
  • Specs (Hwy 290)
  • Specs (N. Mopac)
  • Specs (IH 35 S)
  • Sprouts (Brodie)
  • Sprouts (Westlake)
  • Sun Harvest (Anderson Lane)
  • Sunrise Mini Mart (Anderson Lane)
  • Thom’s Market (Barton Springs)
  • Twin Liquors (620)
  • Twin Liquors (East 7th, wholesale only)
  • Whip In (IH 35 S)
  • Whole Foods Flagship Store
  • Whole Foods (Gateway)

For more information on Bard’s Beer, visit their website.

See the first post from Tuesdays Treasures.

Disclaimer: Bard’s did not supply me with free product. I bought the $10 six pack of beer. However, they did supply me with the list of retail and restaurant providers supplying Bard’s.


  1. “Only 3 mainstream gluten-free beers may be found in Texas, and they are Bard’s, Redbridge and Greens.”
    That is like the most depressing sentence I’ve ever read. They’re better than nothing, but none of these is great beer, and there’s so much great beer in the US (and the world)!
    Anyone know of any more GF beers coming?

    • Yes, it is sad. There are a couple other “mainstream” GF beers in the US but they are not in Texas yet. I’m sure there are plenty of small-town breweries with gluten-free beer as well, but unfortunately they probably don’t have the money to advertise and get their product into other states. I know the mainstream brands (not in Texas) are working to get more GF beer into Texas; it is just a matter of time. By mainstream I mean beer brands that are involved with major bottling companies or are found in more than 5 states. You are right, there are so many wonderful GF beers in the world. They just aren’t here yet. I think someone locally needs to develop one!!!

  2. Bard’s beer is one of my favorites. I especially enjoy a icy bottle on a hot summer day.

  3. Quietrunner says:

    NXNW Brewpub carries Bard’s Ale. It’s a little sacrilegious to be drinking bottled beer in their, amongst all their home-brewed choices, but I haven’t yet been able to pursued them to brew their own. Would line up with a growler if they did.

    But they have great food, and Bard’s ain’t bad.

  4. Jen Fisher says:

    Be on the lookout for two other GF beers: New Grist and Estrella Damm Daura. Very tasty.

    • Hey Jen- you can find Daura beer at Whole Foods downtown right now. It’s their special beer for Celiac Awareness Month. Looking forward to trying New Grist! I hear they will be making their way to Texas soon.

    • Quick note on the Estrella- they are not in Texas yet due to licensing laws. They hope to get that fixed soon.

    • Darlene Glenn says:

      Just visited Kansas and discovered New Grist….LOVE IT, but no distributor in Texas.

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