Wordless Wednesday: Taco Deli

My favorite taco at Taco Deli: Thunder Heart Bison Picadillo. Locally sourced bison seasoned with roasted garlic, tomato, caramelized onion, melted jack cheese and jalapeño. Topped with fresh cilantro and onions. Heaven in a corn tortilla.

I hear one of their specials today (10/6/10) is a locally sourced pork belly (Richardson Farms), topped with fresh avocado, onion and cilantro. Oh man, does that sound tasty?

Update: Specify “gluten allergy” when ordering to prevent your corn tortilla from being grilled on the same tortilla press as flour.


  1. Looks awesome. I’ll take 2. I’m hoping Eyrun and I will be able to take a trip down to Austin sometime before we move to Iceland. Loving your blog by the way. You deserve all of your success. I’d love to hear about how your private chef biz is going. Will you be doing any posts about how all that’s going?

    • Hey Chase! Thanks for the kind words. You are moving to Iceland? Wow! Let me know if you make it to Austin before you leave. The business is going well. I have some other projects I am working on that has put the chef business on hold for right now. I hope to launch a post explaining everything soon. If you would like to know before then you can always FB message me or email me :) Hope you guys are doing well!

  2. I seem to get conflicting info about what tacos can be made gf every time I go there. It just depends on who is working – it doesn’t seem that the employees have any consistent information about what is and is not gluten-free. I love their tacos, but I don’t feel very safe eating their food any more for this reason. Instead of saying on the menu that “most tacos can be made gluten-free”, why don’t they just specify which can (or which cannot)? It’s infuriating.

    • Hi Mary. I understand your frustration. According to the owner Roberto, all their tacos are gluten-free. The only thing that is not is of course the flour tortilla. They offer corn tortillas, but they cook them in the same tortilla press as the flour, hence a big problem. In order to get a gluten-free friendly taco, you must specify “gluten allergy” when ordering. The staff has been trained to not put the corn tortilla in the flour press when you specify “gluten allergy”. They will not reheat the corn tortilla and will serve it plain with the taco fillings. I also ask them to switch gloves if they are using, and use new utensils when filling the tacos. This helps tremendously. Do you mind me asking, what location do you go to?


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