Project Food Blog 2010

I am participating in the first annual Project Food Blog contest held by Foodbuzz. There are over 1,600 contestants competing to be the Next Food Blog Star. Visit my Project Food Blog profile by clicking on the picture above or here. Do you like my goofy picture? I have a gigantic fork and knife hanging in my kitchen and sometimes they come out to play in pictures. I can’t help myself!

Stay tuned for my upcoming challenges!


  1. William Votaw says:

    I think your food blog is outstanding. It is very informative and it demonstrates there are healthy meal alternatives for individuals who have an intolerance for wheat based products. This is a healthy way of life for many individuals. Keep up the great work.

  2. Good luck! I hope you do great and win it all. I will be following along.


  3. Gluten free baffles me. It cuts out so many foodstuffs it’s ridiculous! And if you really are a celiac, you’d know already, believe me.

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