Stubb’s Goes Gluten-Free

Stubb’s announced today their gluten-free certification for their BBQ sauces, marinades and rubs. Their products are sold in 80% of the grocery stores nationwide or may be bought online. The new product line will have a new label and a GFCO seal. Stop by your local grocer and pick up the new products today!

To read more about their new line, click here.


  1. zuzupetals says:

    This is fantastic news! Do you happen to know if the restaurant in Austin is going to be offering a gluten-free menu? (A girl can hope!)

    • I would imagine since they use their sauces, rubs and marinades in the restaurant that they would make the switch. I will definitely be asking them soon and will let you know. How awesome would that be?? :)


  1. [...] Stubb’s released their gluten-free line of BBQ sauces, marinades and rubs July1st. The new bottle has a different logo and a GFCO seal. For more information, click here. [...]

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