Portabello Caprese Towers

Stop on over at Ginger Lemon Girl today to read my guest post. I put together a recipe for Portabello Caprese Towers. A sophisticated summer salad that is great to entertain with! I actually made them again for a dinner party we are throwing this evening. Happy 4th of July everyone. I hope your day has been filled with lots of laughter, love and great food.

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  1. I love your festive picture…makes me want to dig in with a fork and knife. I hope you had a fabulous Fourth!! Joe and I spent a quiet weekend at home, recharging before our very busy month begins.

    • Thank you Amy! They sure did turn out yummy. I just love how such a simple salad can be so satisfying. Sounds like you had a great fourth. We did the same thing! Our puppies are scared of fireworks so we decided to just hang out at home. Have a great weekend!

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