Udi’s products at HEB!

Udi’s at HEB!

It’s official. I am madly in love with Udi’s. Their bread products are unreal! If only they would make cookies (hint hint). I have written about Udi’s several times. Each time I try their products, new and old, they continue to surprise me and lift my spirits. Gluten-free bread products can taste excellent! No need for gluten filled bread anymore when Udi’s provides you gluten-free bread and muffins that are moist, filling, and taste like the real deal.

A new product that I recently tried of theirs was the blueberry muffins. Udi’s blueberry muffins are gluten, dairy, soy and nut free. They come in a package of four that may be kept in the freezer and thawed out in the fridge, microwave or oven. They have plump, bright blueberries running throughout the muffin and give a sweet and satisfying flavor. These have become a staple in my freezer when I need a quick and easy breakfast, or snack. Right now these muffins are available at People’s Rx and Whole Foods but I am pleading with my fellow muffin lovers to go check them out at HEB! HEB is only carrying the muffins now and I would love to see them carry more Udi’s products.

Support Udi’s at HEB!

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  1. SparklyShiny says:

    Thanks for the tip! I’ll certainly pick up some Udi’s the next time I’m at HEB. If they still have comment cards/product requests, I’ll ask for more products – including their pizza crust. Yum!

  2. Udi’s is amazing. ive been eating their sandwich bread on a consistant basis since discovering them (ah, the joy of PB&J)

    The muffins are also at central market – at least the one down south at westgate and ben white.

  3. The Central Market on North Lamar also has Udi’s stuff, as does Natural Grocer on Guadalupe. I just saw the cinnamon rolls at Whole Foods, too — didn’t get any, but I was very tempted!


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