HH at Annie’s Cafe and Bar

Well, we finally made our way over to Annie’s Cafe and Bar last night located in downtown Austin (319 Congress Ave). It is a quaint little restaurant that has an old-time feel, with soothing jazz playing in the background and vintage-looking furniture. The service was great. I wasn’t that impressed with the food menu though (not very much variety). After speaking with our server/bartender over what the best cocktail was, I decided to try the Liberdade. The Liberdade is made with “Brazilian Rum” called Leblon Cachaca. It also has hints of ginger, cucumber and green tea. It was a pretty cocktail (color was a pastel green) and you could tell the bartender had put a lot of thought into making it. The ginger wasn’t too strong and I really enjoyed it. I had two! Even though it was happy hour, it didn’t seem to discount the amount of their drinks very much, if even at all. Chris ordered two Shiners and as always, he loved the crisp, cool taste (nice, cold beer mug!).

If you would like to see their cocktail menu, click here.


  1. The blog looks great!! I can’t believe you got it up so quickly. Let’s go to Annie’s & catch some jazz soon!

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